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'Car 54' Re-Release Drives An Old Fan To Reminisce.

Car 54, Where Are You?, the TV comedy series about a mythical police station in the Bronx, was created by Nat Hiken in 1961. It's just appeared for the first time on DVD to the delight of fans, including critic Lloyd Schwartz.


'Chicago Code': This Time The Good Cops Get A Shot

Shawn Ryan's first series, The Shield, starred Michael Chiklis as a corrupt cop. His new series The Chicago Code is also about cops — but this time, they're honest. And TV critic David Bianculli says the heroes (played by Jennifer Beals and Jason Clarke) turn in very strong performances.


'Law & Order' Moves Back To Wednesdays

Dick Wolf created the longest-running drama on network TV, Law & Order. NBC is moving the procedural back to Wednesday's 'Crime Time' after it opened to a poor showing on Friday nights this year.


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