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T.V. Land's Debut.

T.V. critic David Bianculli comments on the launch of Nickelodeon's new network T.V. Land.


Comedy, 30 Seconds at a time

Critic Ken Tucker recommends a new home video collecting TV commercials starring the hapless Southerner Ernest P. Worrell, played by actor Jim Varney.


Local Television Commercial Stars Talk Shop.

Ben Krass of the Krass Brothers clothing store and Aaron Levin of Aron Levin Galleries are businessmen known in Delaware County for their television commercials. They join the show to discuss why they chose to create their own television advertisements, and how the ads have effected their businesses and images.


Advertisements in Public Broadcasting

President and general manager of the PBS affiliate WHYY Jim Karayn discusses the television station's participation in an experiment to run limited ads as an alternative revenue source. Fresh Air invites listeners to call in with their questions and comments.

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