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The Search For Mary Stuart

Actress Mary Stuart has starred as "Joanne" on the television soap opera "Search For Tomorrow" since 1951. Stuart's autobiography is titled "Both of Me." Stuart joins the show to discuss her career and life.


Daniel J. Travanti Moves Past "Hill Street Blues."

Actor Daniel J. Travanti. Travanti is best-known for his role as Captain Frank Furrillo in the long-running TV cop series "Hill Street Blues." Travanti co-stars with Faye Dunaway in the new film "Midnight Crossing."


Remington Steele's Secretary

Doris Roberts started as a stage actress, and recently played Mildred on Remington Steele. While often overlooked, Mildred may have been the most interesting character on the show. Proud of her status as a working older actress, Roberts still performs many of her own stunts.


Deborah Harry on Acting and Music.

Singer Deborah Harry. She was lead singer of the group "Blondie," which started out in the late '70's as a punk band and by the early '80's was topping the charts. Since the breakup of "Blondie," Harry has gone on to a solo career and several film and TV roles, most recently in "Wiseguy." Her latest album is called, "Def, Dumb and Blonde."


Actor-Turned-Activist Sheila Kuehl

Most people will remember Kuehl as Zelda Gilroy on the old TV show "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis." Her acting career ended when rumors began to circulate that she was a lesbian -- and those rumors were true. Kuehl is now a women's rights lawyer and one of the most vocal lesbian activists in Los Angeles


Kelsey Grammer Discusses His Career.

Emmy award winning actor Kelsey Grammer. The former co-star of "Cheers" and the current star of "Frasier," has written his memoir, "So Far." (Dutton). Grammer, who got his start in classical theatre, is now known for his comic gifts in "Frasier" which is one of television's top ten shows.


Drew Carey: 'Dirty Jokes and Beer.'

Comedian Drew Carey His ABC Wednesday night sitcom resides in the top twenty, a product of Carey's "every guy" humor. Carey has written a new book, "Dirty Jokes and Beer: Stories of the Unrefined" (Hyperion). It's his autobiography as well as a joke book.

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