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Catching Vintage Jazz Tap on DVD

Several recent DVD releases feature great black entertainers of the 20th century. For classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz, his favorites feature the great tap dance team of Harold and Fayard Nicholas.


Gliding Off the Dance Floor: Fayard Nicholas

Fayard Nicholas was part of the famous acrobatic dancing team the Nicholas Brothers. He died earlier this week at the age of 91. Fayard's brother and tap partner Harold Nicholas recalls their career together.


Gregory Hines Discusses His New T. V. Show.

Actor Gregory Hines has performed on the stage in numerous shows including the hit, Jelly’s Last Jam, for which he won a Tony award. He has also been in films such as Waiting to Exhale and the upcoming The Tic Code. Now he stars in his own television series, The Gregory Hines Show. Hines plays a widower raising a twelve year old son and attempting to resume his own social life. The show premieres this fall on CBS, Fridays at 9:00. (Interview by David Bianculli)


A History of Tap Dance

George T. Nierenberg made the documentary No Maps on My Taps, which captures the history of jazz and tap dancing. One of Nierenberg's subjects, Sandman Sims, tells Terry Gross about his career as a dancer.

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