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Talking Heads (Musical group)

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Talking Heads Founder and Solo Artist David Byrne

Since the group disbanded, Byrne has made several solo albums and collaborated with other performers like Brian Eno and Phillip Glass. He also scored several films. In 1989, Byrne released an album, "Rei Momo," of original songs combining Latin and pop styles. His latest album, "Uh-Oh," encompasses all the styles that Byrne has explored throughout his career. He also has a new book of photography, called "American Originals."


Husband and Wife Musicians.

The husband-and-wife rhythm section, drummer Chris Frantz and bassist Tina Weymouth. The two co-founded Talking Heads with David Byrne in 1974, and married in 1977. The two also founded the band "Tom Tom Club," a loose conglomeration of friends, relatives and neighbors. Tom Tom Club has had hits with the songs "Genius of Love," and "Wordy Rappinghood," from their 1981 debut album "Tom Tom Club," and since has recorded two other albums, "Close to the Bone," and "Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom." (Rebroadcast.


Talking Heads' Rhythm Section's Side Career

Drummer Chris Frantz and bassist Tina Weymouth are a married couple who comprise the Talking Heads' rhythm section. Despite the band's success, they found it hard to support their two children. To make ends meet, Frantz and Weymouth started a new band called Tom-Tom Club. Their new album is called Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom.

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