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As 'Murdoch's Scandal' Unravels, Many Implicated

Murdoch's Scandal, a new Frontline documentary, examines allegations of phone hacking and bribery that brought down Rupert Murdoch's tabloid News of the World. Criminal and parliamentary investigations are now underway in the U.K., and dozens of journalists and top executives have been arrested.


Pete Hamill Revisits The Newsroom In 'Tabloid City'

The veteran journalist's new novel takes place in an old-school print newsroom, not unlike the one where he worked. Hamill, a longtime columnist, reflects on changes in the news industry, and explains how columnists of his day differed from today's media bloggers.


Confidential: The 'National Enquirer' Of The 1950s

When Confidential magazine launched in 1952, it feasted on the type of juicy gossip that could launch -- or ruin -- a career. Journalist Henry Scott details the rise and fall of the gossip rag in his book, Shocking True Story -- and explains how Hollywood reacted.


Journalist Bill Sloan

Journalist Bill Sloan is the author of "I Watched a Wild Hog Eat My Baby!" "A Colorful History of Tabloids and Their Cultural Impact". Sloan is a former tabloid insider having worked for "The National Enquirer""Montreals" "Midnight" (now called –Globe—), and the "National Tattler." Sloan was also an investigative reporter for the Dallas Times Herald.


Thomas Lennon Discusses Tabloid Journalism.

Emmy-Award winning documentary filmmaker and producer, Thomas Lennon. His newest documentary examines the interaction between the tabloid press and the mainstream media: "Tabloid Truth: the Michael Jackson Scandal" (which airs on PBS stations February 15th). By watching the story of alleged sexual abuse swell from verifiable news to national spectacle, Lennon questions the state of American journalism, as CNN fights for the same stories once relegated to the National Inquirer.


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