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Substance abuse

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Wendy Kaminer Dissects the Self-Help Culture.

Journalist and lawyer Wendy Kaminer (cam-AH-ner). Her new book, I'm Dysfunctional, You’re Dysfunctional, is a critical look at the recovery and self-help movement. Kaminer believes that the movement tends to trivialize suffering by refusing to distinguish among levels of suffering or victimization (for instance, one recovery expert suggests that childhood is a holocaust.) Kaminer also considers the political implications for democracy if people view themselves as victims. (by Addison-Wesley Publishing Company).


Pharmacologist Dr. Avram Goldstein Discusses Addiction.

Pharmacologist Dr. Avram Goldstein. He set up some of the first methadone clinics to treat heroin addiction in California, and has a new book "Addiction: From Biology to Drug Policy" (Freeman). Goldstein argues that addictions are diseases, and must be considered a public health problem. A study released last month may back him up: 500,000 American deaths a year are attributed to cigarette, alcohol and drug use.


Kelsey Grammer Discusses His Career.

Emmy award winning actor Kelsey Grammer. The former co-star of "Cheers" and the current star of "Frasier," has written his memoir, "So Far." (Dutton). Grammer, who got his start in classical theatre, is now known for his comic gifts in "Frasier" which is one of television's top ten shows.


The Story of Aerosmith.

We'll hear from Steven Tyler and Joe Perry who are two of the original members of Aerosmith. They have collaborated with other band members on a new book Walk This Way (Avon) which traces the bands rise from the music scene in New England to become one of the most successful rock bands in America. Aerosmith had such hits as Dream On, Walk This Way, and Sweet Emotion.


Gary Oldman Tries Writing and Directing.

Actor Gary Oldman. He's making his writing and directed debut with the new film "Nil by Mouth," based on his South London childhood. The critically acclaimed film prompted this from The New Yorker's Anthony Lane, ". . . this movie is something else.


Country Music Star George Jones

Jones is widely acclaimed as one of the greatest country singers, but his 40-year career has also been marked by alcohol and drug abuse. He wrote about his experiences in his autobiography "I Lived to Tell it All" which was published two years ago. (Villard, New York). This originally aired 5/8/96.


Aerosmith: Hard Rocking and Hard Living

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, two of the original members of the band Aerosmith, talk about the group's long and spectacular run. Starting in the 1970s, the band had such hits as "Dream On," "Walk This Way," and "Sweet Emotion." Tyler and Perry also became famous for their drug and alcohol abuse, earning the nickname the toxic twins. Drugs, sex and self destruction were a part of their image, and part of their attraction. In 1997 the band collaborated on the book Walk This Way which traced their rise from the music scene in New England.

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