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A Neuroscientist Explores The Biology Of Addiction In 'Never Enough'

Neuroscientist Judith Grisel studies how addictive drugs work on the brain and why they're so hard to give up - whether they're illicit drugs like heroin and cocaine, or prescription drugs like opiates and certain anti anxiety and insomnia medications. She is also a recovering addict -- 30 years sober.


A Good Girl And A Lost Boy, Looking For A Way Forward

From the writers of 500 Days of Summer, The Spectacular Now examines the not-so-spectacular markers of teenhood: the awkwardness and anxiety that everyone must endure. Shailene Woodley and Miles Teller are the two lovers at the forefront of this story based on a novel by Tim Tharp.


'Compass Of Pleasure': Why Some Things Feel So Good

In his new book, The Compass of Pleasure, neuroscientist David Linden maps out the brain's relationship with pleasure and addiction. From junk food to sex to gambling, Linden explains that addictions are actually rooted in the brain's inability to feel pleasure.


Aerosmith: Hard Rocking and Hard Living

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, two of the original members of the band Aerosmith, talk about the group's long and spectacular run. Starting in the 1970s, the band had such hits as "Dream On," "Walk This Way," and "Sweet Emotion." Tyler and Perry also became famous for their drug and alcohol abuse, earning the nickname the toxic twins. Drugs, sex and self destruction were a part of their image, and part of their attraction. In 1997 the band collaborated on the book Walk This Way which traced their rise from the music scene in New England.


Country Music Star George Jones

Jones is widely acclaimed as one of the greatest country singers, but his 40-year career has also been marked by alcohol and drug abuse. He wrote about his experiences in his autobiography "I Lived to Tell it All" which was published two years ago. (Villard, New York). This originally aired 5/8/96.

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