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Dan Wakefield's "Spiritual Journey."

Journalist and screenwriter Dan Wakefield. His new book, Returning: A Spiritual Journey, describes his encounters with alcoholism, atheism, psychoanalysis, and his ultimate rediscovery of spiritual belief.


Ram Dass discusses spirituality and ecology

Spiritual teacher RAM DASS. Ram Dass' book, "Be Here Now," was a widely used spiritual guide during the early 70s. Ram Dass followed that book up with several others, among them "The Only Dance There Is" and "How Can I Help?" Ram Dass started out as Harvard professor Richard Alpert. While at Harvard in the early 60s, Alpert joined with Timothy Leary and others in the early psychedelic experiments. That led him to investigations of meditation and spiritual practices.


The Very Rev. James Parks Morton Reflects on His Time at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine.

The Very Rev. James Parks Morton, Dean of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine has announced his intentions to resign on Jan. 1, 1997. He will be leaving after 25 years of leadership at the world's largest Gothic cathedral to head a new organization, the Interfaith Center of New York. During his tenure as Dean of the nation's largest church he has created a congregation of 1,000, built 20,000 apartments for the poor, and established a living community of faith having much of the same energy and intellectual stimulation possessed by medieval cathedrals.


The Godmother of Punk On Life and Loss.

Singer and poet, Patti Smith. Her new CD, "Gone Again" (Arista), is inspired by the passing of her musician-husband, Fred "Sonic" Smith of the MC5, and her brother, Todd. They died weeks apart in the fall of 1994. Her first four albums, recorded in the 1970s, established Smith as skinny "Godmother" of punk. Through the 1980s, while raising her children in a Detroit suburb, Smith recorded one album but made plans to record new music with Fred in the summer of 1995.


From the Archives: The Godmother of Punk On Life and Loss.

Singer and poet Patti Smith. Her seventh album, "Peace and Noise" (Arista), was recently released, and she plans a tour toward the end of this year. Her first four albums, recorded in the 1970s, established Smith as the "Godmother" of punk. Her previous release, Gone Again," came out in the summer of 1996, marking her return to recording after an eight year absence. Smith says unlike her punk days, her current performances have attracted a wide range of listeners, from truck drivers to Deadheads to suburbanites. (REBROADCAST FROM 6/24/96)


Paul Moore Discusses His Memoir.

Former Episcopal Bishop of New York Paul Moore. Hs is known for his activism and concern for human rights. He was part of the Civil Rights Movement, and protests against the Vietnam War. As Bishop he brought the Church into dialogue with the poor and oppressed in New York. He's written his memoir, "Presences: A Bishop's Life in the City." (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)

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