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The Most Wanted Man In France Is Invisible In 'Lupin Part 2'

One of this year's surprise hits has been the Netflix series "Lupin," which stars French actor Omar Sy as a likeable and brilliant thief who's out to avenge the railroading of his father. The second season of "Lupin" is streaming now. And our critic-at-large, John Powers, says that it isn't just exciting but clever in its way of taking something old and making it feel new.


A Kafkaesque Spy Thriller Straddles Two Koreas

Young-ha Kim's latest thriller, Your Republic Is Calling You, is about a North Korean spy living courtly in Seoul for two decades -- when he's suddenly called to return to Pyongyang. Critic John Powers says the suspenseful novel offers a gripping look inside modern Korean culture.


'Rubicon': Smart Spies Who Connect The Dots

The AMC cable channel premieres a modern spy series on Aug. 1; critic David Bianculli says the smart, suspenseful drama pays homage to the great conspiracy thrillers of the 1970s -- while providing a much needed update for a modern audience.


With Its Limp Remake, AMC Breaks 'The Prisoner'

AMC's newest miniseries is an ill-advised attempt at a reboot of the cult-hit '60s spy series: A man known as Six (Jim Caviezel) finds himself trapped in a strange desert village, dogged b y a mysterious watcher (Ian McKellen's elusive Two). Critic David Bianculli says that despite McKellen's captivating performance, the remake has none of the curious genius of the original.


Operatives And 'Lies' In Ridley Scott's New Thriller

David Edelstein reviews Body Of Lies, a new spy thriller directed by Ridley Scott and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe. Set in Iraq and Syria, the film charts a young CIA operative's growing disillusionment with his superiors in Washington.


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