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In the Mind of a Roving Football Fan

Book critic Maureen Corrigan reviews Rammer Jammer Yellowhammer: A Journey into the Heart of Fan Mania, by Warren St. John, a reporter for The New York Times. The book is about sports mania and the fan mania surrounding the University of Alabama's football team, The Crimson Tide.


An Elegy for a One Hour Drama

TV critic David Bianculli previews the season finale of "I'll Fly Away," on NBC. It deals with civil rights in the 1950s American South and, because of low ratings, will likely face a premature death.


The Heroic Self Explored in New Novel.

Book critic John Leonard reviews "The Spyglass Tree" (published by Pantheon) the new novel by Albert Murray. It's the sequel to his critically acclaimed book, "Train Whistle Guitar."


An Author Makes a Wrong "Turn in the South"

Book critic John Leonard says that V.S. Naipal's book about his travels in the American South reflects a tourist's mindset. The author's sentimental perspective prevents him from seeing the complicated race and class issues that shape the region.


A Sitcom, Plain and Simple

Critic Ken Tucker says that the movie adaptation of the celebrated play Crimes of the Heart, now shrunk down for home consumption, is no better--and sometimes worse--than many popular television shows.


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