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Sound recordings--Production and direction




Listening Back To An Interview With Phil Ramone

Ramone started out as a sound engineer for Lesley Gore, and went on to work with Simon and Garfunkel, Barbra Streisand and Frank Sinatra. He died Saturday at the age of 79. Fresh Air remembers him by listening back to a 1995 interview. He talks about losing old demos and being mistaken for a member of The Ramones.


Remembering Nick Venet.

Record producer Nick Venet. He has produced more than 300 albums in his career and has collected numerous Grammy nominations and awards. He is co-producer of a new Bobby Darin box set (Rhino). Venet was also Darin's producer and friend. Venet died last week. (Rebroadcast of 3/19/1996)


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