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Sopranos (Television program)

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Actor Michael Imperioli

He currently stars as Christopher in The Sopranos and has written some episodes. Imperioli also appeared in five Spike Lee films, and starred in, co-wrote and executive produced Lee's film Summer of Sam. Imperioli also appeared in the films Goodfellas, Malcolm X, Clockers, and Household Saints.


Actress Nancy Marchand

Before her role as the harping mother on The Sopranos, she was best known for her recurring roll as Mrs. Pynchon on the TV series Lou Grant. Marchand's film credits included Jefferson in Paris, The Naked Gun, and The Bostonians. She died last year. Rebroadcast from March 18, 1999.


David Chase

Creator and executive producer of the HBO hit series The Sopranos, David Chase. The show has just begun its 3rd season. Rebroadcast from June 22, 2000.


Dominic Chianese

Actor Dominic Chianese plays Uncle Junior on the hit HBO series The Sopranos. He been nominated for an Emmy. He had roles in TV shows such as Kojak, Law and Order, and films including Dog Day Afternoon, and The Godfather Part II. At the age of 70, he is now launching a singing career. His new album is called Hits (Madacy Entertainment Group). He brings his guitar to the studio.


Actress Edie Falco

Actress Edie Falco plays Carmella Soprano, wife of Tony Soprano on the HBO drama The Sopranos. She too has been nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding lead Actress in a Drama Series. The role turned her from a relative unknown to a TV star. She had roles on Law & Order and Homicide: Life on the Street. She starred in the independent films Judy Berlin, Trust and Laws of Gravity.


Musician and actor Steve Van Zandt

Musician and actor Steve Van Zandt is a guitarist for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. He's also recorded solo and has produced a number of records and written songs for other musicians. He plays hitman Silvio Dante in the hit HBO series The Sopranos. He's also now a radio DJ. His syndicated show, Hard Rock Cafe Presents Little Steven's Underground Garage plays Sunday nights on a number of classic rock stations across the United States.

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