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Social History of the 1960s.

Journalist and media critic Todd Gitlin whose new book, The Sixties - Years of Hope, Days of Rage, is a social history of the culture and politics of that time from a writer who participated in the freedom and turmoil of the era.


The Horrid History of the United States' Hospitals.

Charles Rosenberg. He's written a book on the history of American hospitals titled The Care of Strangers: The Rise of America's Hospital System. Rosenberg is a professor in the History and Sociology of Science department at the University of Pennsylvania.


Estelle Freedman Asks "What is Sex?" and "What Does it Mean?" In Her New History.

Estelle Freedman co-author of Intimate Matters, A History of Sexuality in America. Among the principal observations Freedman makes in her book is that sexual puritanism was never as all-encompassing as most historians state when chronicling the mores of the 19th and early 20th Century. The book charts the liberalization of sex as value in itself, independent of reproduction. Freedman is a professor of history at Stanford University.


The Fears of the Middle Class.

Writer and social critic Barbara Ehrenreich (air-en-RIKE). Her new book, "Fear of Falling," examines the middle class in America and the many myths associated with it. Her articles and essays appear in the New York Times, the Atlantic, Ms magazine, and Mother Jones.


"America Eats."

Food historian William Woys Weaver. Weaver is a leading expert on the culinary traditions and cooking techniques of the 18th and 19th centuries, and he often is often consulted by restoration organizations such as Old Sturbridge Village and Colonial Williamsburg. Weaver also tracks the emergence of regional American cuisines, often focusing on what the common workers, farmers, and slaves ate. Weaver's new book, "America Eats," examines American foods as a valid form of folk art. It also features traditional recipes adapted for the modern kitchen.


A History of Lesbians in the U. S.

Professor Lillian Faderman. Faderman's written a new book on the history of lesbians and lesbian life in 20th Century America. It's called "Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers." (It's published by Columbia University Press).


Marine Artist Richard Ellis Writes a History of the Whaling Industry.

Marine artist Richard Ellis. He's been studying and painting whales for the past two decades. His new book "Men and Whales," is the history of the relationship between the two, beginning with the hunting of whales. It's just been recent in history that whaling has been outlawed in most areas of the world. (published Alfred A. Knopf).


A History of Lesbians in the U.S.

Professor Lillian Faderman has written a new book on the history of lesbians and lesbian life in 20th Century America called "Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers."

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