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Slobodan Milošević

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Srdja Popovic

Srdja Popovic is one of the founders of the nonviolent student group which helped bring down Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic. The group known as Otpor (the Serbian word for "resistance") had a clenched fist as its symbol, but used humor and theater to ridicule Milosevic and other government officials. The new PBS documentary Bringing Down a Dictator tells their story. Popovic is now a member of Parliament.


Steve Erlanger

New York Times reporter Steve Erlanger returns to the show to talk about the upcoming trial before the International War Crimes Tribunal of Slobodon Milosevic.


Laura Silber Discusses the Yugoslav War.

Balkans correspondent for the Financial Times, Laura Silber. She's the co-author of the new book, The Death of Yugoslavia (TV Books/Penguin, with Allan Little). In the book they look at the decisions that led to war. They write that Yugoslavia did not die a "natural death" that it was "deliberately and systematically killed off by men who had nothing to gain and everything to lose from a peaceful transition from state socialism and one-party rule to free-market democracy." There is also a accompanying TV documentary series to the book.


The Future of the Yugoslavian War

BBC correspondent Misha Glenny. He's returned to London from covering the war in the former Yugoslavia. Terry will talk with him about the war and the history that led up to it. He's also the author of the book "The Fall of Yugoslavia."

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