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Situation comedies (Television programs)

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New Shows Hit Average In Fall TV Lineup

Critic David Bianculli says of all the new programs premiering this fall, there isn't on you have to add to your weekly viewing lists. The best new show, he says, is Emily Owens, M.D., which is just like Ally McBeal if she were a doctor instead of a lawyer -- but it's graded on a curve.


Thats My Bush

David Bianculli reviews the premiere of the new Comedy Central sitcom about life in the Bush Whitehouse, "Thats My Bush" by the creators of South Park.


From the Sublime to the Ridiculous.

T.V. critic David Bianculli previews Sunday's episode of "The Larry Sanders Show" on HBO; this will be the show's final season. And he reviews the telemovie on ABC tonight, "Crimes of Passion: One Hot Summer Night," starring as a homicide detective, the prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson trial, Christopher Darden!

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