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Writers Week: Remembering a "Boy's Life."

Writer Tobias Wolff. Terry talked with him in 1989 after the release of his acclaimed memoir, "This Boy's Life" about his unhappy upbringing in a working-class town in Washington State in the late 1950s. The book was adapted for screen starring, Robert DeNiro, and Ellen Barkin. Wolff, who served in Vietnam, later worked as a reporter for The Washington Post, and has also written two highly regarded collections of short stories. (REBROADCAST. Originally aired 1/31/89).


Rosalie Sorrels Discusses Her Life and Career.

American folk singer Rosalie Sorrels may not be wildly famous but since the 1960s she's developed a near cult like following. Her admirers describe Sorrels as someone who has lived the life she now sings about. In fact, she was immortalized in a song by Nanci Griffith describing Sorrels as "Salt of the earth.....with a voice like wine." .Her newest CD is "Borderline Heart" by Green Linnet Records Inc. The book "Way Out in Idaho" is a collection of her poems, songs and recipes.

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