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Politician Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore.

Singapore’s first prime minister and its current senior minister-- Lee Kuan Yew. A very controversial figure, Lee Kuan Yew formed the People’s Action Party, and won the first Singapore general election in 1959. Since it was granted independence in 1965, Singapore has gone from British colony to Asian economic powerhouse. Yet, its government is often criticized for being too authoritarian and weak on civil liberties. Lee Kuan Yew will talk about his country’s economic success, as well as the criticism about his government’s treatment of its citizens.


Stan Sesser Discusses Singapore.

Journalist Stan Sesser. He is a staff writer and reporter for The New Yorker. He talks with Terry about Singapore and the neo-authoritarianism that exists there. Neo-authoritarianism combines communism's authority over its population with capitalism's free market system. Sesser says its a growing trend in the Pacific Rim. (His article about Singapore appears in the January 13, 1992 issue of The New Yorker.)

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