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Sex--Religious aspects

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Spiritual Leader Ram Dass

Earlier in life, Ram Dass, who birth name is Richard Alpert, earned a Ph.D. at Harvard. In the 60s and 70s, he, along with Timothy Leary, became interested in the religious potential of LSD. Dass is a practitioner of Eastern-inspired philosophy, and is careful to distance himself from corruption and cult-leader-like behavior of other gurus.


A Convert Loses Faith.

Richard Gilman, writer, drama critic and professor at the Yale School of Drama. His memoir, Faith, Sex and Mystery recounts his conversion from Judaism to Catholicism and then his gradual loss of faith. (Rebroadcast. Original broadcast 6.9.87.)


A Convert Loses Faith

Theater critic Richard Gilman was born into a Jewish family, later joined the Catholic Church, and now identifies as an atheist. In his new memoir, he describes how restrictive teachings on sexuality drove him away form organized religion.


"Myths and Secrets" About Women and Religion

Barbara Walker's interest in women's roles in religious and spiritual traditions led her to write a book on the subject. Her research suggests that Christianity has suppressed various matriarchal and women-focused faith practices in order to strengthen patriarchal power structures.

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