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The Biology of Being Female.

New York Times science writer Natalie Angier talks about her new book "Woman: An Intimate Geography." (Houghton Mifflin)She is also a Pulitzer Prize recipient for her writing in The Times. Her other books include: "The Beauty of the Beastly," and "Natural Obsessions." She lives in Takoma Park, Maryland.


Columnist Dan Savage on Different Approaches to Sex

Nationally syndicated sex advice columnist Dan Savage has written a collection of his Q & A's in "Savage Love" published by Plume books. He is also an associate editor at The Stranger, a weekly alternative paper in Seattle.


Performance Artist and Author Kate Bornstein on Rejecting the Gender Binary

In her books and plays Bornstein, a transgender activist, argues the need for the acceptance of nontraditional gender roles, meaning those not defined as either male of female. In her book "Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women, and the Rest of Us," she writes about her sex-change experience and her view of society's conceptions of gender. She has also written the novel (with co-author Caitlin Sullivan) "Nearly Roadkill."


Fae Myenne Ng Honors First Generation Chinese Immigrants

Ng's first novel, "Bone," is about three sisters brought up in San Francisco's Chinatown. One reviewer writes, "I learned a lot from "Bone" about the high cost of living in two worlds;" another writes that the story is "beautifully conceived, full of feeling and the sound of the streets."


One Psychologist's Skepticism of the Incest Survivor Narrative

Psychologist and writer Carol Tavris. Her latest book, "The Mismeasure of Woman," looks at the widespread but unacknowledged custom of defining norms according to men's bodies and behavior. Tavris shows that the real differences in gender are in power, resources, and life experiences. She also wrote a review of two books dealing with incest, called "Beware the Incest-Survivor Machine," for The New York Times Book Review. In it, she calls for a more reasoned, cautious approach to a very complicated issue. The review received a fire-storm of letters from readers.


Captain Carol Barkalow Breaks into the "Men's House"

Barkalow was among the first women to enter the military academy at West Point. Her new memoir, "In the Men's House," chronicles her rise from cadet to commander. She currently works in the Pentagon as a special assistant to the Army Chief of Staff.


American Poet Robert Bly.

Poet Robert Bly. In the 60s, his poems took on a political tone and he founded American Poets Against the War. When his volume, The Light Around The Body, won the National Book Award in 1972, he turned the prize money over to a draft resisters group. Since then, his poems have explored the bonds between men, particularly between fathers and sons. (Rebroadcast of June 29, 1987.)


The Anxieties of Getting Older

Fifty-one-year-old author Avery Corman has a new book called 50. He joins Fresh Air guest host Liane Hansen to talk about the different ways men and women view aging. Corman first rose to prominence with his novel Kramer Versus Kramer.

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