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Investigating the Widespread Abuse of Women Prisoners

Human Rights Watch/Women's Rights Project has issued a new report which alleges that there is widespread sexual abuse of women prisoners in U.S. state prisons by prison guards. It's based on data conducted from March 1994 to November 1996. Dorothy Thomas, director of the Women's Rights Project researched and wrote the report. Terry Gross will talk with her and attorney Deborah LaBelle, who has represented women prisoners in their grievances. The report is titled, "All Too Familiar: Sexual Abuse of women in U.S. State Prisons"


Linda Fairstein Discusses Sexual Violence.

For over 15 years, Linda Fairstein has directed the Sex Crimes Prosecution Unit of the Manhattan D.A.'s office. The unit was the first of it's kind, and has become a model for others in cities across the country. When Fairstein began working there, rape cases were rarely tried in court, rape victims were stigmatized, and there was little understanding about rape in society. Over the years, Fairstein and her colleagues have made great strides in combating such crimes, and improving conviction rates.


The Making of a Russian Serial Killer

Journalist Robert Cullen was Newsweek's Moscow bureau chief in the Soviet Union. He has a new book The Killer Department." It's about one detective's eight year hunt for the man known as "the most savage serial killer in Russian history." Cullen is also the author of, "Twilight of Empire: Inside the Crumbling Soviet Bloc," about the breakup of the Soviet Union.


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