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Serial murderers

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Michael C. Hall: Playing A Killer Role On 'Dexter.'

The star of Showtime's bloody crime drama talks about the show's eventual plans for an ending — and also about matters both professional and personal, from how he plays an emotionless killer to how Hall himself, while filming Dexter, has dealt with both cancer and a divorce.


Audience is Loser in Haneke's Unfunny 'Games'

In Michael Haneke's new film, a wealthy American family opens the door of their secluded vacation home to two strangers — who proceed to torture them in a series of sadistic games. David Edelstein has a review.



Film critic Henry Sheehan reviews the new film "Hannibal" starring Anthony Hopkins and Julianne Moore.


Anthony Hopkins

British actor Anthony Hopkins. His include "Equus," "The Remains of the Day," "Mission Impossible," "Armistad," "Nixon," and "The Silence of the Lambs." In the new film "Hannibal" he revives the character of Doctor Hannibal Lecter, a brillant psychiatrist turned sociopath killer, which he played in "The Silence of the Lambs."


The Making of a Russian Serial Killer

Journalist Robert Cullen was Newsweek's Moscow bureau chief in the Soviet Union. He has a new book The Killer Department." It's about one detective's eight year hunt for the man known as "the most savage serial killer in Russian history." Cullen is also the author of, "Twilight of Empire: Inside the Crumbling Soviet Bloc," about the breakup of the Soviet Union.


"Child's Play" Revitalizes the Horror Genre

Critic Ken Tucker recommends the home video release of the recent thriller. He says the premise -- a demon-possessed doll terrorizes a family -- is absurd, but the movie features characters with surprising depth. And while Child's Play is violent, it doesn't rely solely on gore to terrify its audience.


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