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New Center Trains Detection Dogs To Save Lives

A center for scientists to study what helps dogs succeed in search-and-rescue operations opens Tuesday at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Cynthia Otto, who created the center, and Annemarie DeAngelo, the center's training director, tells Fresh Air why they depend on their canine companions.


Pet Detective Kat Albrecht

Albrecht is a former police officer who used to work with search and rescue dogs. She now searches for lost pets using her specially trained bloodhounds, and a Weimaraner. Along the way she is developing data about how lost animals behave, and how to best find them. Her new book is The Lost Pet Chronicles: Adventures of a K-9 Cop Turned Pet Detective. Albrecht also founded, and is executive director of, the non-profit National Center for Missing Pets in San Jose, Calif.

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