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Robert Redford: The 'Fresh Air' Interview

Redford has announced that he's retiring from acting, and that his role in the new film The Old Man and the Gun, will be his last. In 2013, he said it was "sort of weird" being known for his looks.


Stuart Murdoch: The 'Pursuit' of Belle and Sebastian

Stuart Murdoch is the front man for the Scottish indie-pop band Belle and Sebastian. For the group's new CD, The Life Pursuit, they've broken two long-standing traditions: making quietly precious music, and refusing to embrace the media.


New Rock Albums from Scotland.

Rock critic Ken Tucker checks out Scotland's current contributions to rock. He looks at the bands Primal Scream and Teenage Fanclub.


Folk Fiddler Johnny Cunningham

The Scottish musician performed with the folk band Silly Wizard, which developed a loyal following in Europe and the United States. Now based in rural Pennsylvania, he has embarked on a solo career. He performs some traditional tunes in-studio and previews music from a forthcoming album.

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