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U. S. Representative John Edgar on the Effects of Reagan's Politics.

Robert Edgar is a United States Representative for Delaware County. He is one of the few liberal Democrats who survived the 1980 election. Edgar is the chair of the Northeast-Midwest Coalition and was part of the fact finding mission to El Salvador. He is also a Methodist minister who was once a pastor. He joins the show to discuss the Reagan administration, the role of money and the media in politics, the "moral majority," and working in Congress. He will also answer listener questions.


Socialism and the United States.

Michael Harrington is the Chair of the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee (DSOC), the "left" portion of the Democratic Party. The group's goals include national healthcare, full employment, and more control of corporate policies. Harrington has been an activist his entire career, and his book "The Other America," was essential in pushing Presidents Kennedy and Johnson in creating anti-poverty agendas. His new book is "Decade of Decision."


Congressman Bob Edgar

The Pennsylvania Democrat works to counteract the policy positions of the moral majority. He sees hope in the rise of prominent moderate Republicans to steer the direction of the Reagan administration toward less conservative economic and foreign policy decisions. Fresh Air listeners call in with their questions.


A Political Cartoonist Explores "Outer Space"

Philadelphia Inquirer editorial cartoonist Tony Auth recently illustrated a children's book called That Game from Outer Space. He sees both media as effective ways of deploying political messages.


Presidential Candidate Jesse Jackson

The civil rights leader is running for president as a Democrat on a platform of supporting racial minorities and the economically disadvantaged. Despite the appeal of his positions, many in his party doubt whether he has the ability to defeat Ronald Reagan.


General Alexander Haig on Foreign Policy in the United States.

General Alexander Haig came to national prominence during the Nixon administration, where he served in several roles including as Deputy Assistant for National Security Affairs and Chief of Staff. He continued working for the Ford administration, leading to his appointment as Supreme Allied Commander of NATO. Haig served 18 months as the Secretary of State for President Ronald Reagan. He often clashed with the president and his staff, and resigned in 1982. His new memoir: Caveat: realism, Reaganism, and Foreign Policy," details his time in the administration.


Women and the Presidential Election

Writer and journalist Gloria Steinem returns to Fresh Air to discuss the issues facing women and minorities in the forthcoming presidential election. Fresh Air listeners call in with their questions.


The White House and the Press

Political analyst David Gergen speaks with Fresh Air's Terry Gross about President Reagan's relationship with the press. Gergen considers the way presidents use media to disseminate their policies and shape the narrative of their administrations.


A Synth Player Raps About Reagan

Jack Waldman demonstrates the mechanics of producing synthesizer-driven sampler music using his song "See the Light, Feel the Heat," which features clips off Ronald Reagan's speeches.

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