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I, David Bianculli, Highly Recommend 'I, Claudius.'

I, Claudius is loaded with bloody violence, graphic sex, tales of epic battles and intrigue and characters who are in danger of being killed at any time. The British miniseries has now been remastered and is available in a 35th anniversary edition DVD.


Spartacus, an epic film

Kirk Douglas' and Tony Curtis' performances in Stanley Kubrick's Spartacus helped earn the film the fifth position in the epics category.


Decades Later, "I, Claudius" Is Still Risque and Engaging

Television critic David Bianculli revisits Masterpiece Theater's "I, Claudius," which is being rebroadcast beginning this Sunday. When the show first aired, he gave it a mediocre review--which he later retracted after watching several more episodes.

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