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A Modern Take on Cyrano de Bergerac

Film critic Stephen Schiff reviews Roxanne, Steve Martin's new romantic comedy. Schiff says the movie is evidence that Martin in the finest comic actor working in film today.


"The Pick-up Artist" is a Delight.

Guest Film Critic Michael Sragow, film critic for "The San Francisco Examiner," will review the new James Toback film "The Pick-up Artist," starring Molly Ringwald and Robert Downey.


"Coming to America": A "Supply Side" Movie.

Film Critic Stephen Schiff reviews "Coming to America," the new Eddie Murphy film that co-stars one-time TV talk show host Arsenio Hall. The movie is a comic fable about a pampered African prince who travels to the slums of New York to find the perfect woman.


Turning the Gangster Film into Something Funny

Director Jonathan Demme's newest movie is called Married to the Mob. Film critic Stephen Schiff says the characters become more likable as the film goes on; the slapstick elements not withstanding, the movie is jumpy, romantic, and very funny.


"Say Anything" Has Richness and Depth

Film critic Stephen Schiff reviews Cameron Crowe's directorial debut, about a lovestruck high school graduate, the beautiful overachiever he desires, and her doting father. Schiff says the plot is remarkably similar to The Graduate -- only Say Anything is the better movie.

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