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Rodney King Riots (Los Angeles, California : 1992)

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Watts Activist Sweet Alice Harris Reports from L. A.

Sweet Alice Harris lives in Watts, in South Central Los Angeles. She started and runs Parents of Watts Working With Youth and Adults after the Watts riots of 1965. She says she knew last week's riots would be bigger than Watts. (Interview by Marty Moss-Coane)


Black-Korean Conflicts in Los Angeles.

John Lee is a first-generation Korean reporter whose beat at the Los Angeles Times has been Koreatown during and since the riots. Many Korean merchants were targeted, and many wielded guns to defend themselves. He feels that the Korean side of the conflict hasn't been accurately portrayed by the media.


What Would Malcolm X Think of the Rodney King Verdict and Riots?

We mark the anniversary of Malcolm X's birth with historian and writer Clayborne Carson editor of "Malcolm X: The FBI files." CARSON is the Director and Senior Editor of the Martin Luther King, Jr., Papers Project. He also co-edited the companion reader to the PBS series "Eye on the Prize."


Journalist Ruben Martinez on Becoming the Other

Martinez was born of Mexican-Salvadoran parents and raised in Los Angeles. His new book, "The Other Side," is a collection of reports, interviews, diary entries, photographs and poems that reflect living on the border between the "first world" of Los Angeles and the "third world" of El Salvador. He speaks with guerrillas in exile, earthquake survivors, war orphans and linerationist priests, which he juxtaposes with accounts of racial tension in the schools, Latino Graffiti art, and hip hop.

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