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When Rock Music Infiltrated Nashville

Rock historian Ed Ward looks at how the country music establishment reacted to the burgeoning popularity of rock music in the 1950s and '60s -- sometimes in inept, out-of-touch ways.


Integrating the Pop Charts

Rock historian Ed Ward considers the impact the Orioles, one of the first black doo wop groups to achieve mainstream popularity.


Remembering The Creation

Several bands were formed by art school students, like The Talking Heads and The Who. So were The Creation, a mostly-forgotten group who rock historian Ed Ward says deserves more recognition.


Mr. Blues is Coming to Town

Rock historian Ed Ward remembers the brash and powerful blues "shouter" Wynonie Harris, whose raucous songs had a strong influence on early rock and roll.


Exhuming the Remains

Rock historian remembers the 1960s Boston band The Remains, whose music reflected the genre's growing depth and sophistication. Despite opening for the Rolling Stones and the Beatles, the group never caught on.


Transforming Country to Rock and Roll

Rock historian Ed Ward looks back at Elvis Presley's early recording session, which show that the singer borrowed as much from white country music as he did from the blues.

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