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Singer Ronnie Spector

In the 1960s she was a member of the girl group, The Ronettes. They were already making records with a different label when producer Phil Spector signed them and turned them into hit makers. Their songs include Be My Baby, Baby, I Love You, and Walking in the Rain. Ronnie married Phil Spector, but the marriage ended in divorce.


Producer And Arranger Brian Wilson, A Genius Of Rock

Legendary composer, producer, arranger and performer Brian Wilson, formerly of the Beach Boys. It was Wilson who was most responsible for the Beach Boys' unique sound that fused harmonious rock with the ethos of surfing. After the success of the Beach Boys, Wilson's had a much-publicized 20-year struggle with drugs and emotional problems. In 1988 he produced his first solo album, Brian Wilson. Ten years later he recorded another solo album of new material Imagination.


Talking Heads Founder and Solo Artist David Byrne

Since the group disbanded, Byrne has made several solo albums and collaborated with other performers like Brian Eno and Phillip Glass. He also scored several films. In 1989, Byrne released an album, "Rei Momo," of original songs combining Latin and pop styles. His latest album, "Uh-Oh," encompasses all the styles that Byrne has explored throughout his career. He also has a new book of photography, called "American Originals."


Record Producer Mitchell Froom

Froom produced albums by Elvis Costello, Los Lobos, Richard Thompson, and Suzanne Vega. He joins Fresh Air to talk about how he pushes artists to new musical territories.

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