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Rock Critic Lester Bangs

The music writer sees a populist potential in rock music. If anyone can pick up a guitar, he claims, then anyone can make something full of emotion, regardless of their technical abilities. He recently published a book about the band Blondie.


Philly Rock Radio.

Gary Bridges (WYSP), David Dye (WIOQ), and Michael Picozzi (WMMR) are disc jockeys. They join the show to discuss rock radio, the music business, and the life of a d.j.


Philly Rock Radio DJs.

Gary Bridges (WYSP), David Dye (WIOQ), and Michael Picozzi (WMMR) are disc jockeys. They join the show to discuss rock, rock radio, and to answer listener calls.


Singer and Songwriter John Sebastian

The former Lovin' Spoonful frontman talks about his career in rock and folk music, his experiences during the landmark Woodstock Festival, and his musical-in-progress, an adaptation of the novel Charlotte's Web.


Piano Red, Blues and Boogie Woogie Legend.

Willy Perryman, better known as Piano Red, is a pianist who has been playing the blues and boogie woogie since the 1920s when he got his start playing rent parties in Georgia. Piano Red also hosted a live radio show on WAOK in Atlanta where he was known as "Dr. Feelgood." He began touring internationally in the 1970s and is in town to play several concerts.


John Rockwell and "All American Music."

John Rockwell is the music critic for The New York Times. He believes critics should take (almost) all genres of music equally, and was one the first critics to cover "vernacular music." Rockwell has written the book "All American Music." Rockwell discusses his taste in music (including his beginnings in classical music), journalism, and shares records with Fresh Air.


The Voice of Mother Earth

The band's lead singer Tracy Nelson made her mark as part of the Berkeley rock scene. She has since moved to Nashville, where she has been exploring her interest in blues, R&B and country music.


Director Steve Rash

STEVE RASH is the director of the film "The Buddy Holly Story," a bio-pic of the early rock legend starring Gary Busey. Rash is also the director of "Under the Rainbow," a story of the "Munchkin" auditions for the film "The Wizard of Oz." Rash joins the show to discuss Holly's music and life, share records and rare recordings, and share stories about the making of the film.

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