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The Politics of the Extreme Right in America

Investigator Michael Reynolds with the Klan watch Militia Task Force, with the Southern Poverty Law Center. The task force assisted in the investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing. Reynolds outlines the beliefs of many of these right wing groups.


A Look at Right Wing Extremism the U.S.

Chip Berlet of Political Research Associates in Cambridge, MA. He has spent 14 years tracking right-wing groups in America. He talks about the connection of militant right-wing militia groups to the Oklahoma City bombing.


Extremism and Violence in Israel.

Israeli political scientist Ehud Sprinzak. Sprinzak has written a book called "The Ascendance of Israel's Radical Right" (Oxford University Press 1991). He follows the emergence in Israel since 1984 of a radical right-wing movement shaped by religious fundamentalism, extreme nationalism and aggressive anti-Arab sentiment. Sprinzak believes that the influence of the radical right pervades Israeli politics and culture as well as Arab-Israeli relation. He sees Israel's radical right exercising increasing control over the Jewish settlements in the West Bank.


Chip Berlet Discusses Conspiracy Theories.

Analyst Chip Berlet of the Political Research Associates, a research center which collects and disseminates information on right-wing political groups and trends. Terry will talk with him about some of the currently popular conspiracy theories such as the motive for the JFK assassination, and the view of some African Americans that AIDS and drugs are attempts to destroy the race.


The "Radical Right" in Israel.

Political Science professor Ehud Sprinzak (A-houd Sprin-zack) of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He talks with Terry about how the radical right in Israel is no longer a fringe group but a growing force in Israeli politics and life. His new book is, "The Ascendance of Israel's Radical Right," (Oxford University Press).


The Rise of the American Far Right

Journalist James Ridgeway has a new book on the rise of the white supremacy movement in the United States called "Blood In The Face." Ridgeway also co-produced a documentary film on the subject, also called "Blood On The Face."


Lyndon LaRouche and the Far Right

Journalist Dennis King has a new book about the infamous politician, whom King describes as an extreme, right-wing fascist. LaRouche, once a self-identified socialist, employed cult-like tactics to move his left-wing followers toward anti-Semetic ideologies, and was able to exert significant influence on both major political parties.

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