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Rhythm and blues music

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Jim McGowan On Living With a Wheelchair.

At 19, Jim McGowan was the victim of an assault which left him with paralyzed legs. He later worked as an R&B singer in the 1950s with the group the Four Fellows, whose song "Solider Boy" was a number one hit. He late became an academic and has written a book about an Underground Railroad figure in "The Life and Letters of Thomas Garnett," as well as a history of R&B. He is also an activist for disabled persons and was the photographer for the book "Wheelchair Champions."


Broadway Choreographer and Director Michael Bennett.

Michael Bennett won a Pulitzer Prize for the musical "A Chorus Line," which he conceived, choreographed, and directed. He, himself, began his career as a Broadway dancer before choreographing musicals such as "Promises, Promises," "Company," and "Follies." Bennett's latest show is "Dreamgirls."


New Orleans Music and Culture with The Neville Brothers.

Art and Aaron Neville are part of the New Orleans funk and rhythm and blues band The Neville Brothers. Art has been performing since 1954 when his "Mardi Gras Mambo" became a hit. The song remains a Mardi Gras standard. Aaron had a hit in 1966 with the song "Tell It Like It Is." The brothers' latest album "Neville-lization."


The Voice America Wants to Hear

Whitney Houston's new album, Whitney, debuted at the top of the pop charts, in part fueled by its hit single, "I Wanna Dance with Somebody." Rock critic Ken Tucker says the songs are thinner than those on her last album, and wonders if they'll be enough to sustain her immense popularity.


The Music of East L.A.

Rock historian Ed Ward will look at Cal-Mex music - the sound from East L.A. - and the legacy of "La Bamba."


New Orleans Musician Allen Toussaint.

Musician Allen Toussaint. For over twenty years he's been a force in New Orleans rhythm and blues as a singer, songwriter and piano player. He wrote hits such as "Working in a Coal Mine," written for Lee Dorsey, and "Mother in Law," written for Ernie K. Doe.

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