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Scott Simon Discusses "Weekend Edition."

Scott Simon is a longtime NPR journalist who is known as being sensitive, versatile, and excellent at writing prose. Simon has worked for "Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered." Simon and Jay Kernis are the co-creators of the new NPR radio program "Weekend Edition." Simon will serve as the shows host. Simon joins the show to discuss his career and the new show.


Crime Reporter Edna Buchanan.

Edna Buchanan, Pulitzer Prize-winning police reporter for the Miami Herald. Buchanan has written a book that details her daily routine. It's titled The Corpse Had a Familiar Face.


William Geist's New York.

New York Times columnist William Geist, who wrote the paper's popular "About New York" column. He has collected his favorite columns in a book titled City Slickers. Geist recently left the Times and is now a contributor for the CBS News show, "CBS Sunday Morning."


Ron Reagan, Jr.'s New Comedy Special.

Ron Reagan, Jr. He's a special correspondent on "Good Morning America" and is also a contributing editor at Playboy Magazine. He has a comedy special debuting soon on the Cinemax Comedy Experiment. It's titled "Ron Reagan is the President's Son."


Mal Sharpe Asks "Are You Happy with Your Toaster?"

Mal Sharpe, the self-described last of the Man-on-the-Street interviewers. Sharpe, who used to contribute to National Public Radio's "All Things Considered," specializes in eliciting unusual responses from unsuspecting interviewees. He'll ask a screaming delegate on the floor of the Republican Convention in 1980 if they're happy with Reagan as the nominee.


Russell Baker Works His Way Up the Newspaper Business

The Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and former White House correspondent wanted to be a great novelist; he became a reporter and memoirist instead. His newest book, The Good Times, details his career during his 20s and 30s. He joins Fresh Air to talk about his frustrations as a Washington reporter, a particularly memorable interview with President Johnson, and how his writing changed as a columnist.


Journalist Thomas Friedman Reports from Beirut

The New York Times correspondent's new book is called From Beirut to Jerusalem, about Arab-Israeli conflicts in the Middle East. He joins Fresh Air to discuss how cultivating a network of contacts, coming to terms with the frequent violence he witnessed in Lebanon, and how those experience affected his reporting in Israel.


A Reporter on the AIDS Beat

Journalist Randy Shilts just returned from the latest International AIDS Conference in San Francisco. He says there is a revitalized push for the development of new drug treatments and a vaccine. Yet there have been protests against the volunteer-based model of AIDS outreach and treatment. After eight years, Shilts plans to stop reporting on the disease.

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