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The Different Versions of the Old Testament.

Writer and rabbi Chaim Potok is best known for his novels. However, he served as the Secretary of the Writings Committee of the Jewish Publication Society Committee of Scholars. The group has been working since 1957 on a new translation of the Old Testament, and the third volume was just published. It is the first translation in 2200 years to base itself on the original Hebrew texts. Potok joined the show in June, and he's back to offer comparisons between the new translation, the King James Bible, and the 1917 Jewish Publications translation. Potok will also answer listener calls.


Atheist Mother, Christian Son.

William Murray is the son of atheist crusader Madalyn Murray O'Hair, whom the family considered "the most hated woman in America." At the age of 14, Murray was the plaintiff in a Supreme Court case his mother filed to remove prayer from the Baltimore Public Schools. Murray experienced a difficult relationship with Murray O'Hair, who terrorized him as child. As an adult, Murray converted to Christianity and hasn't spoken to his mother since 1977. His new book is "My Life Without God."


Cal Thomas Defends the Moral Majority's Commitment to "Traditional Values."

Cal Thomas is the Vice-President for Communications of the Moral Majority. The Moral Majority was funded by Jerry Falwell and a coalition of pastors, priests, and rabbis in June of 1979. Thomas describes the group as a political organization dedicated to addressing the "erosion of traditional values" and the social problems the group believes results from the abandonment of "Judeo-Christian values." Thomas writes the group's daily radio commentary, material for its monthly newspaper, and serves as a spokesman for the organization.


A Panel Discussion on Pope John Paul II

Monsignor John Patrick Foley of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and Temple University professor Leonard Swidler discuss their views on the popularity of the pope, his concern for social justice, and what some see as his conservative positions toward doctrine, hierarchy, and women in the church. Fresh Air listeners call in with their questions.


On the Nature of Christian Faith

Brad Allison is an Evangelical pastor in Philadelphia. John Gordon became a Christian in college. His scholarship led him away from religious fundamentalism. He is now the chaplain at Albright College. The two religious leaders speak with Fresh Air listeners about their faith.


Finding Salvation in the Evangelical Tradition

Fresh Air broadcasts a special feature produce for the month of October called On This Side of Paradise. The miniseries focuses on the state of religion in America today. The first installment features stories of people who converted to Christianity during their adult lives.


The State of Judaism in America

The second installment of WHYY's miniseries on religion, On This Side of Paradise, looks at Jewish culture, Jewish identity and antisemitism in the United States.


Political Activism and Judaism

Jeffrey Dekro and Phyllis Taylor both draw inspiration from their Jewish faith to fight for civil rights and other social justice movements. They answer questions from Fresh Air listeners about the contrasting trends of Jewish assimilation into mainstream American culture and a growing number of devout and practicing Jews.


The Lasting Impact of the Nation of Islam

The third installment of On This Side of Paradise focuses on how the Nation of Islam led to a growth of more conventional practices of Islam, particularly in African American communities.


An Imam Shares His Faith

Philadelphia-based Shamsud-din Ali is a local leader of the Muslim community. He speaks with Fresh Air callers about his faith, the relationship between Islam and other religions, and attitudes toward Muslims around the world.

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