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A Discussion on the Role of Religion

In light of the holiday season, Terry Gross talks with a reverend and a rabbi about their faith traditions and the role of religion in their lives and culture.


The History of Judaism and Cultural Exchange

Novelist Chaim Potok's most recent book, Wanderings, is a non-fiction history of Judaism. He talks about the tradition of the hybridization of Judaism with dominant cultures around the world, the exploration of identity in literature, and the trajectory of Western society.


Interfaith Marriage Panel.

Evelyn Kaye is a Jewish woman married to a Methodist and author of the book "Cross-Currents: Children, Families & Religion. Reverend Ralph Moore is an Episcopal priest and the director of the Christian Association at the University of Pennsylvania. Rabbi Mayer Selekman is a rabbi at Temple Shalom in Broomall, Pennsylvania. They join the show for a panel discussion on interfaith marriage.


Listener Call-In and Discussion of Jonestown Documentary "Father Cares."

Reverend Ralph Moore is an Episcopal priest and the director of the Christian Association at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Julian Slowinski is a psychologist and former Benedictine monk and theologian. They join the show to discuss the events in Jonestown and the radio documentary on the subject, "Father Cares," which was aired by NPR. They also answer listener calls.


William Sloane Coffin on the Integrity of Love

The famed clergyman was involved in anti-war protests during the Vietnam War. He now leads a church in New York City, where he champions the poor, gays and lesbians, and helps organize against the nuclear arms race. Love, he says, is at the heart of his activism.


An Irish Priest in Camden

Reverend Michael Doyle was a member of the Camden 28, a group of activists tried for their anti-Vietnam War actions in 1971. His church, Sacred Heart, ministers to the poor in Camden, New Jersey. His joins Fresh Air to talk about the roots of poverty in the U.S., and about political and religious tensions in Northern Ireland.


Translating the Old Testament, From Ancient Hebrew to Modern English.

Writer and rabbi Chaim Potok is best known for his novels. However, he served as the Secretary of the Writings Committee of the Jewish Publication Society Committee of Scholars. The group has been working since 1957 on a new translation of the Old Testament, and the third volume was just published. Potok joins the show to discuss the process of translating the scriptures and the differences from more familiar translations.

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