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Author Traces What Happened To WWII's 'Last Million' Displaced People

Historian David Nasaw tells the story of more than a million people stranded in defeated Nazi Germany after World War II. Some felt they couldn't return to their home countries under Soviet control. Others were Jewish survivors who had no homes to return to. Nasaw's book is 'The Last Million.'


Two New Works Confront The Refugee Crisis With Empathy And Humanity

The new Italian documentary "Fire At Sea" won top prize at this year's Berlin Film Festival for its look at today's refugee crisis. The newly translated novel These Are The Names won the Dutch equivalent of the Booker Prize for its look at the refugee crisis. Our critic-at-large John Powers says each offers an original way of looking at something it's easy to think you know all about.


A Grim 'Eclipse': Deb Amos On Iraq's Sunni Exiles

Since the U.S. invasion, 4 million Iraqis have had to leave their homes. An additional 2 million have left the country entirely, and many are still outside its borders. NPR's Deborah Amos tells the story of these displaced Iraqi citizen in her new book, Eclipse of the Sunnis.


Aiding Refugees of the Kosovo War.

Maarten (mar-tin) Merkelbach is head of Tracing Services for the International Committee of the Red Cross. He is directing the use of a newly designed computer system to match up family members of Kosovo refugees separated during the exodus. We talked with him from Skopje, Macedonia.


The Humanitarian Catastrophe in Serbia and Macedonia.

Our first Ambassador at Large for War Crimes Issues, David Scheffer. As such, he looks into violations of international humanitarian law anywhere in the world. He's just returned from Macedonia where his mission was to see what conditions the Kosovo refugees were exposed to, and to determine the nature of the crimes committed against them. Scheffer is a senior aide to U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.


Photographer Fazal Sheikh.

Photographer Fazal Sheikh. (Fuz-ill) (Shake) In his new book "The Victor Weeps: Afghanistan" published by Scalo, Sheikh weaves portraits and stories together to document their experience. His 1996 book "A Sense of Common Ground,"(Scalo) presented a series of photographs taken of African refugees.

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