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"Tougher Than Leather" Is Flawed but Interesting Enough to Rent

Critic Ken Tucker, a big fan of rap music, missed the theatrical release of Run D.M.C.'s film. He had high hopes it might capture the spirit of black action movies of the 1970s; but after watching the home video release, Tucker says the movie failed to live up to its promise.


Ice-T Defends "Freedom of Speech."

Rock critic Ken Tucker reviews the new album from Los Angeles rapper Ice-T. The album's called "Freedom of Speech...Just Watch What You Say." It's a blast back at groups such as the Parents Music Resource Center, which has been pushing for a rating system similar to the one use in the movie industry.


In 'Still Here,' A Fully Committed Joaquin Phoenix

A couple of years back, the two-time Oscar nominee announced he was giving up acting to become a rapper. David Edelstein reviews Casey Affleck's film I'm Still Here, which tracks Phoenix's transformation -- and says there may be a real madness in Phoenix's method performance.

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