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Public Radio Pioneer Joe Frank

He was honored last week with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Third Coast Festival for "his signature contributions to the field of radio." He started in radio at WBAI, Pacifica's New York station, in 1977, and soon became co-host of NPR's "All Things Considered." He's produced several series for KCRW and NPR, including "Somewhere Out There" and "The Other Side." He's also worked in live theatre, and much of his radio work has been adapted for stage and screen.


Host of NPRs 'Talk of the Nation,' Neal Conan

Host of NPR's Talk of the Nation, Neal Conan. During the summer of 2000, he took a hiatus from his duties at NPR to follow the fortunes of the Aberdeen Arsenal, a minor league baseball team. Conan pursued a lifelong dream: to become a baseball announcer. He writes about it in his new book: Play by Play: Baseball, Radio and Life in the Last Chance League (Crown Publishers).


The "Daughter of the Queen of Sheba."

NPR correspondent Jacki Lyden has written a memoir, entitled "Daughter of the Queen of Sheba" (Houghton Mifflin). It's a tale of her mother, who suffered from manic depression, often imagining herself as various historical and fictional characters. The book also touches on how her mother's illness influenced Jacki's fascination with "exotic" places, including the Middle East. Lyden was stationed in Baghdad as a correspondent during the Persian Gulf War.


From the Archives: "All Things Considered" Hosts Linda Wertheimer and Robert Siegel.

A Host of NPR's All Things Considered Linda Wertheimer. She has been with NPR since the network first went on the air with All Things Considered, May 3, 1971. Wertheimer recently came out with a book that looks back at some of the key events in American history as they were covered by NPR stations: Linda Wertheimer's Listening to America: Twenty-Five years in the Life of a Nation as Heard on National Public Radio (Houghton Mifflin). It was released May 29, 1995. The book marked the 25th Anniversary of the founding of NPR not ATC. (REBROADCAST FROM 4/5/95)


NPR Radio Host Robert Siegel

Siegel has co-anchored the nightly news program All Things Considered since 1987. He opened NPR's London Bureau in 1979, and was appointed as Director of the News and Information Department in 1983. Siegel has just edited "The NPR Interviews, 1994." This interview was recorded last Thursday in front of an audience at the WHYY studios.


NPR and NBC Legal Affairs Corespondent, Nina Totenberg.

NPR and NBC legal affairs corespondent, Nina Totenberg. In covering the Thomas/Hill Judiciary Committee hearings some conservative senators accused Totenberg of ruining the lives of both Thomas and Hill. Totenberg also brought the fact that Judge Douglas Ginsburg had smoked marijuana into the public eye, costing him a Supreme Court nomination. Totenberg's reports regularly for "Morning Edition," "Weekend Edition," and "All Things Considered."

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