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Race relations




The Politics of Drag.

Art historian, playwright, and critic MARTHA KEARNS and writer EDMUND WHITE offer their opinions on the topic "The Politics of Drag," debate-style.


Golden, Dockery, and Fields On the Philadelphia Jazz Scene.

Pianist Jimmy Golden, pianist Sam Dockery, and trumpeter and club owner Jack Fields discuss jazz in Philadelphia. Jimmy Golden and Sam Dockery have served as house pianists at many Philadelphia jazz clubs, and Jack Fields owned the club the Blue Note in the 1950s.


In-Studio Concert with Vernel Bagneris and Morten Larsen.

Vernel Bagneris is a playwright, actor, and dancer. He wrote, directed, and acts in the musical "One Mo' Time," now playing in Philadelphia. The musical is set in 1920s' New Orleans and draws heavily on the jazz from that time and place. It centers around a touring group of vaudevillians performing at the segregated Lyric Theater. Bagneris describes it as a "piece on Black theater history." Bagneris and pianist Morten Larsen give an in-studio concert sharing music from the show's time period.


Racism's Effects On White People.

Dr. John Morrison is a professor of Social Work at the University of Pennsylvania. He has recently completed a study about the effects of racism on whites. He joins the show to discuss his work.


Labor, Race, and Gender in the United States.

Philip Foner is the foremost historian on the labor movement in the U. S. He is the author of over eighty works, including a four volume history of the American labor movement, "Organized Labor and the Black Worker," and "Women and the American Labor Movement," the second volume of which was recently published. He is currently a visiting professor at Rutgers University.


Talk By Milton Street.

Activist and Pennsylvania State Senator Milton Street delivers a talk about the inner city, gentrification, Philadelphia politics and its racial aspects, and his experiences as an activist.


Sheila Jordan On Singing Jazz.

Sheila Jordan is a jazz singer. Rather than make music she doesn't agree with, Jordan has kept her "day job" as a typist for her entire career. That might be changing as more people become aware of her work. She joins the show to discuss her life and career.


Sister Falaka Fatah and Urban Youth.

Activist Falaka Fatah is the co-founder of Umoja House, an organization that currently runs 21 house on North Fraser Street in Northwest Philadelphia serving gang members and street kids. The program began when Fattah and her husband, David, invited a gang to live with them after discovering their son, Robin, had joined. The Fattahs work with gangs led to a city wide meeting and truce among Philadelphia gangs. Their new project is "Boys Town," which will serve ex-offenders. Fattah joins the show to discuss strategies for reaching youth in disadvantaged neighborhoods.


Jazz Critic Gary Giddins

The Village Voice writer has a new anthology of his music writing called Riding on a Blue Note. His tastes have expanded from jazz to pop vocals, including Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. Giddins also finds much to love about contemporary European and avant-garde jazz.

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