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Race relations




American Perspectives on Race.

Book critic John Leonard reviews Studs Terkel's new book, "Race: How Blacks and Whites Think and Feel About the American Obsession." (The New Press)


Samba and Brazilian Society.

World music critic Milo Miles checks out "Samba," writer Alma Guillermoprieto's (geair-mo-prer-toe) new book on Brazil's most famous musical form, and how it pervades Brazilian life and culture.


The Blues Side of Jack Teagarden.

Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead reviews "That's a Serious Thing," a new reissue featuring trombonist Jack Teagarden. Kevin says the album shows how Teagarden brought a country influence into jazz. The album's on the RCA/Bluebird label and it features Teagarden performances from 1929 to 1957.


Reissue of Gene Krupa's "Uptown."

Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead reviews a new reissue, "Uptown," featuring the Gene Krupa Orchestra with Roy Eldridge and singer Anita O'Day. It's on Columbia.


Do the Right Thing: The Fresh Air Review

Unlike other film critics, Stephen Schiff isn't so troubled by the ambiguous ending of Spike Lee's third movie. Schiff admires the way Do the Right Thing smartly grapples with race relations, but he's frustrated by how inconsistent the characters are, a directorial flaw that serves the sometimes twisting plot.


"American Playhouse" Tackles the "Subway Vigilante" Trail.

Television Critic David Bianculli previews this week's "American Playhouse" presentation on PBS titled "The Trial of Bernhard Goetz." Goetz was acquitted last year of assault charges stemming from his shooting of four black youths in a New York City subway car after, Goetz contended, the youths tried to rob him. The trial, which dominated the New York City press for several weeks, was known as "The Subway Vigilante" trial.


"Cry Freedom" is Too Afraid to Be the Movie It Could Be.

Film Critic Stephen Schiff reviews "Cry Freedom," starring Kevin Kline as South African journalist Donald Woods, and Denzel Washington as anti-apartheid activist Stephen Biko. The movie portrays the friendship that developed between Woods, a white reporter, and Biko, one of the leading foes of apartheid. "Cry Freedom" is directed by Richard Attenborough.

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