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Personhood In The Womb: A Constitutional Question.

A study released this year examined cases where law enforcement intervened in the lives of pregnant women who were believed to be endangering their fetuses. State laws are stepping in on behalf of the fetuses' constitutional rights — but what of the mothers' rights? Fresh Air looks at three perspectives in the debate.


Cynthia Gorney: Parsing The Politics Of Abortion

Sarah Palin is a staunch pro-lifer; Colorado voters may soon decide that life begins at conception. Author, journalist and academic Cynthia Gorney says the abortion wars are still going strong in this election cycle.


The Abortion Debate Through a Son's Eyes

Abortion has been a defining issue since 1973. But for Eyal Press, it was a defining element of his childhood. A colleague of Press's father was killed for performing abortions. And Dr. Press received threats. Eyal Press offers a front-row view in Absolute Convictions.


A Found Diary Reveals the Tactics of Anti-Abortion Protestors

Reporter for the Village Voice, Jennifer Gonnerman. In 1994 Planned Parenthood won a judgement against Operation Rescue, which had to sell off its office equipment to satisfy the judgement. A pro-choice activist bought many of those items in a public auction, including six computers. In one of the computers was a journal kept by one of Operation Rescue activists.


Responses to Violence Against Abortion Providers

Terry discusses the recent murder of abortion doctors with Dr. Susan Wicklund, who provides abortion services; National Director of the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue Reverend, Flip Benham; and Director of the Christian Defense Coalition, Pat Mahoney.


Founder of Operation Rescue Randall Terry.

Founder of the anti-abortion group, "Operation Rescue," Randall Terry. Recently, his group tried to stop abortions by blocking access to clinics in seven cities across the United States, including Philadelphia. Terry also has a new book, "Why does a nice guy like me keep getting thrown in jail?" (Huntington House Pub., Lafayette, LA; Resistance Press, Windsor, N.Y.) (REBROADCAST. Originally aired 7/20/93.)

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