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Get 'Lost' In J.J. Abrams' Latest Show 'Alcatraz'

Two more shows to add to your 2012 list: Justified, which returns to FX Tuesday night for its third season, and Alcatraz, a new Fox drama and the latest from producer J.J. Abrams. TV critic David Bianculli explains why they're both worth watching.


With Its Limp Remake, AMC Breaks 'The Prisoner'

AMC's newest miniseries is an ill-advised attempt at a reboot of the cult-hit '60s spy series: A man known as Six (Jim Caviezel) finds himself trapped in a strange desert village, dogged b y a mysterious watcher (Ian McKellen's elusive Two). Critic David Bianculli says that despite McKellen's captivating performance, the remake has none of the curious genius of the original.


Carol Muske-Dukes, 'Channeling Mark Twain'

Poet and novelist Carol Muske-Dukes founded the University of Southern California's doctoral program in literature and creative writing; she's written three novels and seven collections of poetry, been a National Book Award finalist and received a Guggenheim fellowship.

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