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Putting Puppies Behind Bars (For A Good Cause)

Puppies Behind Bars is a canine training program that enlists prison inmates to train puppies as bomb-sniffing dogs or as service animals. Many of the dogs are then paired with wounded or disabled veterans.


Reporter Explores America's Unique Take on Justice

The United States is home to less than five percent of the world's population — and almost a quarter of the world's prisoners. Adam Liptak, national legal correspondent for The New York Times , says that's one of the ways America's legal system differs from those of other countries.


Free Again: Stewart's Lifestyle Bounceback

Martha Stewart turned her lifestyle advice into a billion-dollar business: Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. In addition to her magazines, Stewart has a new book, The Martha Rules: 10 Essentials for Achieving Success as You Start, Grow, or Manage a Business. She also has new shows on television and radio this fall.


Remembering Peace Activist David Dellinger

Dellinger, a long-time peace activist, editor and author, died on Tuesday at the age of 88. Dellinger was jailed for civil disobedience a generation before Daniel and Philip Berrigan. He was part of the "Chicago Seven," the group of seven anti-war demonstrators at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. The convention erupted into violence between demonstrators and police. Dellinger was the author of several books, including an account of his spiritual journey From Yale to Jail. (Rebroadcast from April 9, 1993.)


Celebrating James Brown: James Brown's Ghostwriter Bruce Tucker.

Today's show is in honor of the great James Brown who celebrates his birthday this weekend: Writer Bruce Tucker. He was the ghostwriter for James Brown's autobiography, The Godfather of Soul. Tucker is a contributing editor for The Black Music Research Journal. (REBROADCAST from 9/4/90)


From the Archives: New Traditionalist Country Musician Steve Earle.

A July 1996 interview with country rocker Steve Earle. His new CD is called "El Corazon" (E squared/Warner Bros). Earlier albums include "I feel Alright," "Guitar Town," "Early Tracks," "Exit O," "Copperhead Road," "The Hard Way," "Shut Up and Die Like an Aviator," and "Train A Comin'." (REBROADCAST FROM 7/30/96)


From the Statehouse to the Big House.

Former Massachusetts State Senator Joseph Timilty. In 1993 he was indicted for conspiracy to commit fraud in a condominium development project. He refused to plea bargain, was arrested and spent four months in prison. His new memoir is of those four months: "Prison Journal." (Northeast University Press)


New Traditionalist Country Musician Steve Earle

Earle's new CD is "I Feel Alright" from E-squared/Warner Brothers. He also recently had a song in the movie "Dead Man Walking" called "Ellis Unit One." His new album is called "I Feel Alright." Earle had a past as a drug user and prisoner, but has since turned his life around.


Prisoners Celebrate Their Departing Warden

Special correspondent Wilbert Rideau is editor-in-chief of the award winning prison magazine The Angolite. He's also an inmate of the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, serving a life term for murder. When the prison was under a state of emergency in 1990, warden John P. Whitely was hired. In his five year tenure, Whitely's management style helped turn the prison around garnering national and international attention. It also gained the attention of the inmates, who recently hosted a farewell dinner in honor of the departing warden.

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