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"Jules Feiffer's America."

Jules Feiffer is a cartoonist known for satirizing the middle class, politicians, and sexual attitudes in his comic strip "Feiffer.". He began his career at The Village Voice and is now syndicated nationally. Feiffer has also written several screenplays, including "Little Murders." A new collection of his work "Jules Feiffer's America: From Eisenhower to Reagan."


Looking "Behind the Front Page"

Celebrated political journalist and commentator David Broder writes for the Washington Post. He joins Fresh Air to discuss the ethical issues raised by stakeout journalism, especially the kind that scrutinizes the personal lives of politicians like presidential hopeful Gary Hart.


White House Correspondent Lesley Stahl

Stahl hosts the CBS show Face the Nation. She joins Fresh Air to discuss President Reagan's tightly-controlled engagement with the media, the sometimes vindictive nature of past administrations, and how she conducts effective interviews.


Public Television is on a Roll with "Nixon"

Television critic David Bianculli reviews the new three-hour profile of the rise and fall of Richard Nixon, presented on the American Experience show. The documentary comes on the heels of Ken Burns' Civil War series, and continues PBS' streak of excellent programming.


Presidential Photographer George Tames

For 40 years, Tames was the White house photographer for the New York Times. He's collected some of his best-known pictures in a new book called "Eye on Washington."


Reconsidering Richard Nixon

Veteran journalist Tom Wicker has written a new examination of Richard Nixon, titled "One of Us." Wicker claims that, contrary to conventional wisdom, the former president was weak on foreign policy but strong -- and effective -- on the domestic front.


Journalist Lou Cannon Says Reagan Was a Better Man than President

Cannon is Los Angeles correspondent for the Washington Post. As a reporter for the "San Jose Mercury News," and later as "The Washington Post" White House correspondent, he covered Ronald Reagan as Governor and President. He's just written a third book about the Reagan presidency, called "President Reagan: A Role of a Lifetime."

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