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'Chicago Tribune' Backs President Bush

Chicago is considered to be a Democratic city, yet The Chicago Tribune is endorsing President Bush. The paper received thousands of letters and e-mails in response. From the Tribune we speak with editorial page editor Bruce Dold, and letters editor Dodie Hofstetter.


Former Presidential Candidate and US Senator Bill Bradley

He discusses the state of politics today. He published his memoir, Time Present, Time Past in 1996. In addition to his political career, Bradley was also a star basketball player with the New York Knicks. His latest book is called The Journey from Here


Cass Sunstein Discusses the Decision to End the Florida Recount.

Law Professor Cass Sunstein. An expert in Constitutional interpretation, he explains the US Supreme Court decision in Bush v. Gore handed down last night. He talks about the legal difficulties of the case, what the final decision means for each candidate, and what sort of historical precedent a decision such as this one sets for the future.


Journalist and Novelist S.V. Date.

Journalist S.V. Date is based in Florida where he is Tallahassee bureau chief for The Palm Beach Post. He’ll discuss the recount in Florida for the Presidential election. Date is also the author of the new novel “Smokeout” (Putnam)


Satirist Harry Shearer Discusses the Outcome of the Presidential Election.

Satirist Harry Shearer. He’s the host of NPR’s Le Show. He’s also the author of "It's the Stupidity, Stupid: Why (Some) People hate Clinton and Why the Rest of Us Have to Watch." (The Library of Contemporary Thought, The Ballintine Publishing Group) which came out earlier this year. Today he speaks on the outcome of the presidential election.


Ronald Brownstein Examines the Current Republican Presidential Campaign.

National Political correspondent for the Los Angeles Times, Ronald Brownstein. He has collaborated on a new book, Storming the Gates: Protest Politics and the Republican Revival (Little, Brown and Company, written with Dan Balz, national editor of the Washington Post). In the book they look at how the Republicans captured Congress, so shortly after the defeat of George Bush in the presidential election, and how the Republican party has changed dramatically in the last ten years.


Peru's Eminent Novelist and Former Presidential Candidate Mario Vargas Llosa

Peru's eminent novelist and former presidential candidate Mario Vargas Llosa. Llosa is the author of many books including "Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter," (which was made into a movie, based on his own relationship with his 32-year old aunt, who he married at the age of 19), "The Storyteller," and "In Praise of the Stepmother." A London Times writer says of Llosa's novels that they are "among the finest coming out of Latin America." Llosa lived for many years in Europe.

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