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In New Novel, Tom Perrotta Shares 'Post-Parental' Reflections From An Empty Nest

It's a time-honored tradition for novelists to draw material from their own lives, and author Tom Perrotta is no exception. His 2004 book, Little Children, sprang from his experience as the parent of young kids. Three years later, he published The Abstinence Teacher, which was inspired, in part, by the junior-high and high-school sports his children played at the time.


James Wolcott: 'Lucking Out' In 1970s New York

The Vanity Fair critic was an aspiring writer when he arrived in a turbulen Manhattan in 1972. In his memoir, Lucking Out, he writes about the crime and culture (and pornography) he discovered there.


Gary Shteyngart: Finding 'Love' In A Dismal Future.

His third novel, Super Sad True Love Story, is a black comedy set in a futuristic America — where books don't exist and where the economy has collapsed. Shteyngart explains why he decided to write a love story in this dystopic vision of the future — and why he thinks technology is changing the way we think.


Remembering Gay Porn Icon Jack Wrangler

Jack Wrangler, an icon of gay adult films, died April 7. He appeared in more than 30 gay adult films and 20 straight adult films in the 1970s and 1980s. Fresh Air remembers him with an interview from 1985.


The Auteurs of 'Inside Deep Throat'

Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato are the team behind Inside Deep Throat, a documentary about the 1972 porn classic Deep Throat. We talk with them about their movie -- and the original.

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