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Blumenthal and the Logic of the "Permanent Campaign"

Journalist Sidney Blumenthal argues that political strategists have replaced party bosses during election seasons. The former's job of creating a coherent and appealing media narrative for a candidate continues even after an election comes to an end.


Hooked by the Line of the Day

Investigative journalist Mark Hertsgaard examines the relationship between the press and the Reagan administration in his new book, On Bended Knee. Hertsgaard says that Reagan's press team was masterful at manipulating the news media by limiting access to the president, choreographing photo opportunities and television appearances, and disseminating controlled, daily messages to reporters.


"Political Wives."

Writer Joyce Schuck (shuck). In 1986, her husband ran for governor of Colorado, and lost in the primaries. But the experience gave Schuck the impetus to interview other wives of politicians. Schuck's book, "Political Wives: Veiled Lives," combines the interviews, along with excerpts from a diary Schuck kept during her husband's campaign. (Interview by Marty Moss-Coane)


Kathleen Hall Jamieson on "Dirty" Political Campaigns.

Jamieson is the Dean of the Annenberg School of Communications at the University of Pennsylvania. She's been called "the leading academic authority on politics and advertising" by the New York Times. She'll talk about negative campaigning by both parties, and give her take on the recent conventions. Her new book, "Dirty Politics: Deception, Distraction and Democracy," is about how TV ads and speeches shape contemporary campaigns.


Bellwether Democratic Senator Harris Wofford

Last year, Wofford won an upset victory, becoming the first Democratic U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania since 1962. He was a key aide to President John F. Kennedy, helped establish the Peace Corps, and aided Martin Luther King, Jr. He also chaired the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee from 1987 to 1991. A new edition of Wofford's 1980 book, "Of Kennedy's & Kings: Making sense of the Sixties" has just been published.


Political Consultant Ed Rollins on His Relationship with the Republican Party

Retired Republican political consultant Ed Rollins has just written a book chronicling his 30 years in American politics, "Bare Knuckles and Back Rooms: My Life in American Politics." He began his political life a Democrat, working for Bobby Kennedy's campaign in 1968. After an experience at a violent demonstration he became a Republican and worked his way up to become President Reagan's top political advisor.


A Look at How Local Politics Work

Documentary film producer Paul Stekler. He co-produced the new film series, "Vote for Me - Politics in America," a look at how American culture is reflected in local politics. This PBS series examines the various things candidates will do in their campaigns to be elected. Also interviewed was Maggie Lauterer, the subject of one "Vote for Me" episode. She's a former journalist and first-time candidate who ran for Congress in North Carolina, and lost.

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