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Dave Burrell's 'Expansion'

Jazz pianist and composer Dave Burrell was an important part of the free jazz scene of the 1960s. He now performs with his Full-Blown Trio, and they have a new album called Expansion.


Classical pianist and conductor Murray Perahia

Classical pianist and conductor Murray Perahia has a new CD: Chopin Etudes: Opus 10, Opus 26. He also explored the music of J.S. Bach in recent recordings, including Bach's Keyboard Concertos vol. 1 which he recorded and conducted with the St. Martin in the Fields ensemble. And he recorded the Goldberg Variations and Bach's complete English Suites. In 1994 Perahia suffered a thumb injury that left him unable to play regularly for a year. He took up his first conducting post as principal guest conductor of the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields.


Artur Schnabel's Legendary -- and Flawed -- Performance

A while back, classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz reviewed a live recording by the late pianist Artur Schnabel. Schnabel lost his place during the performance, but the error was edited out of the recording. Now Lloyd has a chance to play the original for us, which he actually finds more enjoyable.


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