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Ruth Reichl: A New Book And The End Of 'Gourmet'

The editor in chief of Gourmet joins Terry Gross to discuss the surprise announcement that the venerable magazine will publish its final edition in November. Along with recipes and regrets, she'll talk about her new recipe book, Gourmet Today.


"The Voice of the Nation's Police Officers."

Newspaper publisher Cynthia Brown of American Police Beat. The newspaper's motto is to be "The Voice of the Nation's Police Officers." The tabloid-style paper is written for and by cops and caters to their concerns. (The paper's address is P.O. BOX 382702, Cambridge, MA 02238-2702; Tel: 617-491-8878; FAX: 617-354-6515)


The Voice of the Convict.

Publisher and editor Richard Stratton of the magazine Prison Life. The magazine is written for and about prisoners, and includes such regular features as In Cell Cooking and Cellmate of the Month. It also includes legal advice, medical and health tips, and fiction, poetry, and art by prisoners and ex-prisoners. Stratton spent eight years in prison for pot smuggling. This year HBO began a series of documentaries on life behind bars with the Prison Life magazine.


Gloria Steinem Reflects on Aging.

Writer, feminist, organizer, and the founder of Ms. Magazine, Gloria Steinem. She has a new book of essays, "Moving Beyond Words, (Simon & Schuster). In one of the essays she wonders -- what if Freud were female? -- and imagines what life would be like if one of the most "enduring, influential, and fiercely defended thinkers" in Western civilization were Dr. Phyllis Freud. In her new book Steinem also reflects on turning 60.


Writer and Journalist Willie Morris and Poet James Merrill Discuss their Memoirs.

Poet James Merrill. The son of the founder of the Merrill Lynch brokerage house, Merrill took to Europe at age 24, a newly published poet "meaning to stay as long as possible". That was in 1950. His new memoir "A Different Person" (Knopf) details his two and a half years there, and features encounters with psychoanalysts, new and old lovers, and Alice Toklas. Merrill is the author of eleven books of poems, the winner of two National Book Awards, the Bolligen Prize for Poetry, and the Pulitzer Prize.


A Steady Diet of Cheesecake.

Commentator Maureen Corrigan says she's just about had it with the recent spate of magazines offering the same old cliches about women.


How Good Magazine Design Serves Readers

Roger Black is a graphic designer who recently revamped the look of Newsweek magazine -- he even changed the logo. Black joins Fresh Air to explain how good layout can highlight text and enhance the reading experience.

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